"You're Fucked" Fortune Cookie Enamel Pin

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  • Measures 29mm x 19mm. 
  • Two metal tie tack clasps on the back keep this pin from spinning around and falling off.
  • A sturdy pin made from black plated metal with an enamel fill.
  • Ships free in the US.
  • Designed by Ectogasm; it's art you can wear! 

    This funny enamel pin features a fortune cookie breaking open with a scroll reading, "You're Fucked". This tongue in cheek badge looked great pinned to a denim jacket, backpack, lanyard, and more for punk and alternative style.

    It is made from black coated metal with orange and white enamel fill. Two metal tie tack clasps on the back keep it in place.

    Add this pin to your collection or gift it to a friend. It's art you can wear!

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