Raeha Keller, founder & artist


I found that voice in the woods. It wasn't an evil witch or a ferocious siren. It was the magic that whispers through life, in the spaces between molecules and in the silence between sounds.

Now I design art for those who hear the voice too. Those who are also disenchanted with the dull facade that some would have you believe is real life.
Those who want to ride through the woods. With every design I create, I hope to manifest some of that magic. Magic you can wear, hang on your walls, give as a gift, and hold. Come along with me. Do you hear the voice?

R Ectogasm

Our Values

  • Spread The Magic

    The world around us is incredibly beautiful and full of magic. With all of our products and designs, we’re trying to inspire others to see that magic too and to see the beauty in life, especially when it may seem dark.

  • Shop and Design Intentionally

    Quality > Quantity. Ectogasm designs are small batch and each product crafted with care. Our offerings are meant to be loved for years to come. We value classic > trends.

  • Care For Nature

    Many of our designs are inspired by nature and the world around us. We want to protect that! We’re a proud member of 1% for the Planet, meaning 1% of ALL Ectogasm sales are donated to environmental non-profits. I’m working on finding ways to reduce plastic and waste created by our products. For our textile materials, we choose biodegradable fabrics.