• "Tuck Frump" funny political button for democrats and liberals.
  • A funny political enamel pin for democrats.
  • A cool not my president enamel pin for protest outfits.
  • A clasp on the back of an Ectogasm enamel pin.
  • The metal clasp on the back of a trendy enamel pin, designed in California.
  • A cool enamel pin on a striped shirt for punk rock fashion.
  • tuck frump enamel pin on a black backpack.

"Tuck Frump" Enamel Pin

$ 11.99

$ 9.99

Are you tucking sick of this Trump guy?

Now here's a funny political pin that's good for everyday use. This circular pin has the quote, "Tuck Frump" in red, white, and blue letters against black. Made from metal and enamel, so that it'll survive well past his term. 

  • 1 inch diameter.
  • Made from metal and enamel.
  • One tie tack pin on the back.
  • Designed in California.