Thinking of You Skull and Roses Back Patch

$29.00 $10.00

Apply this gothic patch to your favorite jacket for instant, personalized style. Features an illustrative human skull filled with red roses. 

  • Large size for the back of a jacket at 12" x 10.25".
  • Iron on backing for easy application. Can be sewn on as well. 
  • Beautifully detailed design. 
  • 100% woven.
  • Sturdy merrowed boarders. 
  • Black, beige, red, and green.
  1. Set iron on medium-high heat and lay garment on a hard surface. 
  2. Position patch on garment and cover with pressing cloth. 
  3. Place iron and hold pressure for 40-45 seconds. 
  4. Pick the iron up and repeat for any unheated areas.
  5. Allow patch and garment to cool. 
  6. Turn garment inside out and repeat process. 

Handwash cold and hang dry recommended. 

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