• A cute and funny enamel pin of a daisy with plucked petals. Those remaining read, "Loves me, loves me not, loves me, Goddamnit".
  • A side view of a yellow and white flower enamel pin on a denim jacket for spring fashion.
  • Two metal claps on the back of an Ectogasm enamel pin.
  • A cute enamel pin of a white and yellow flower with a funny quote on it. It is pinned to the lapel of a jean jacket.
  • A pretty daisy accessory with a funny quote, pinned to a tote bag. Great for grunge teen fashion.
  • Ectogasm's "Loves Me Not" Flower petal enamel pin on a bed of daisies for cute summery fashion.

"Loves Me Not" Plucked Daisy Enamel Pin

$ 11.99

Single af... An enamel pin as funny as it is cute. Features a plucked daisy with the petals reading, "Loves me, loves me not, loves me, GODDAMNIT". 

Wear it on the lapel of your denim jacket, a backpack, or a t-shirt. From a distance, this pin looks like a stylish flower accessory. But those who look closer will chuckle! 

  • Measures approx. 1.25" x 1.25" (30mm x 30mm)
  • Two metal clasps keep this pin in place and from spinning. 
  • Made from black plated metal with a vibrant yellow and white enamel fill. 
  • Designed by Ectogasm; it's art you can wear with any outfit!