• Black and White Mermaid Pennant Flag by Ectogasm.
  • Natural twine bowline knot on nautical banner.
  • Nautical Sea Punk Flag with art by Ectogasm.
  • Detail on black pennant flag with sea punk design.
  • Black flag for home decor.

Handmade Mermaid Pennant Flag in Black and White - 16x10.5"

$ 25.00

A handcrafted pennant flag fit for even the saltiest among us. Made from black canvas, beige cloth, and natural twine. Printed with a black and white mermaid, beautiful and terrifying with flowing hair and webbed fingers. 

Excellent as wall decor and more. 

  • Measures 16x10.5".
  • Handmade. There may be some variation per product. 
  • Made from canvas, fabric, and natural twine. 
  • Features an original Ectogasm design.