• Secure locking pin backs for enamel pins
  • Set of locking, spring loaded pin backs.
  • Locking pin backs on an enamel pin.

Extra Secure Locking Pin Backs

$ 4.99

Most of us have lost a pin before, and it's not fun. Keep your pins extra safe with these locking pin backs. They're a necessity for the pin connoisseur. 

How it works: Snap them into place like a normal pin back. They lock and keep the pin secure. To release the lock, hold pin back at the base and pull the fastener at the top up to release the spring loaded lock, then remove. 

  • Comes in a pack of 4
  • Fits all Ectogasm pins
  • 1cm diameter, .6cm height. 
  • No tools needed. 
  • Free US shipping.

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