• An enamel pin of a tombstone with the quote, "All My Favorite Musicians Are Dead".
  • Two clasps on the back of an enamel pin, designed by pin maker Ectogasm.
  • A cool enamel pin for people who love music, bands, and records.
  • A music lapel pin worn on a denim jacket.
  • cool music lapel pins on a leather jacket.
  • The "All My Favorite Musicians Are Dead" enamel pin worn on a pair of Doc Martens for cool, punk fashion.
  • A cool enamel pin for music lovers.
  • enamel pin collection on a denim shirt
  • A black and grey tombstone enamel pin designed by Ectogasm with the quote, "All My Favorite Musicians Are Dead".

"All My Favorite Musicians Are Dead" Enamel Pin

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Whether you listen to Beethoven, Nirvana, or both, this enamel pin is an essential in the collection of all music lovers. It features a grey tombstone with the quote, "All my favorite musicians are dead". Looks cool pinned to the lanyard of your backstage pass or on the lapel of a denim jacket while perusing the record store.

You will never have to stress about losing this solid quality pin. Two clasps on the back, instead of one, ensure it stays in place wherever you put it.

In neutral black and gray, move this enamel pin between outfits to show your music loving side with every outfit.

This band pin is designed by Los Angeles artist Ectogasm. It is a mini art piece that you can take with you. 

  • Never worry about losing this pin. Two metal clasps keep it in place.
  • A durable, high quality pin made from metal and enamel.
  • The perfect size for your jacket lapels. Measures 1.25" x .75"
  • Designed by Ectogasm. Enamel pins are art you can wear. 

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