How to style sheer socks

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Fashion 2023-12-05

Sheer socks are the new fashion accessory that's all the rage this season. With see-through dresses featuring prominantly on runways and red carpets, transparent socks are a great way to incorporate some transparency into your wardrobe for both casual, everyday looks and special event.

With a wide variety of sheer socks available in different colors, patterns, and trims, they're a great way to add a hint of your own unique style to an outfit. 

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What Are Sheer Socks?

Sheer socks are made from a sheer nylon or spandex polyester blend of fabric that is see through. Much like nylon tights, they come in a variety of colors, such as nude and black. 

Sheer socks are more durable than your regular tights and often feature a reinforced toe and heel for both comfort and to prevent tearing. 

Some are woven with cotton patterns and feature fun ruffles or lace on top for added style. 

How to Style Sheer Socks

Sheer black nylon socks with a lace fringe worn with mary jane pumps for whimsigoth alternative fashion.

1. With Mary Jane Pumps and Heels

Socks with heels makes for a stunning, unique look. With traditional, opaque socks, it can be hard to pull off, but because sheer socks are dressier and nod to nylon tights, they're a beautiful choice. 

We love these Sheer Sunflower Socks paired with a Mary Jane platform pump for a look that's classic with a stylish twist. 

Cool sheer socks woven with black flames, worn with red heels for cool fashion.

2. Contasting Colors

If your sheer socks are black, consider pairing them with a shoe color that pops for a striking look.

Our Sheer Black Flame Socks stand out when worn with a cherry red heel. 

Black sheer ruffle socks woven with a unique pattern.

3. Match Your Socks to Your Purse

You've heard of matching your purse to your shoes, but have you ever tried matching them to your socks? Coordinate your outfit by carrying a handbag that compliments your sheers socks. 

Our Sheer Pumpkin Socks and Spiderweb Handbag in Black not only match colors, but aesthetics as well for a cool, alternative fashion look.

Sheer transparent socks worn with fishnet tights and heels for unique, trendy fashion.

4. Show Off Your Interests

There are so many interesting patterns of sheer socks available. Play up your own personal style by selecting a pair that speak to you. 

These Sheer Ghost Socks are perfect for anyone with a witchy or gothic fashion sense. 

How to wear sheer socks. See-through leopard print socks worn with Oxfords for luxurious, glamorous style.

5. Wear them with Oxfords

Oxfords are a comfortable, casual style of shoe that exudes coolness, especially when they have a slight platform. For a punk look, we love these Docs with our Sheer Leopard Print Socks

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Sheer ghost printed socks worn with nylons and a little black dress. Glamorous, vintage inspired fashion.

6. Put them Over Nylons or Fishnets

Layer up your accessories by wearing your sheer socks over a pair of black nylons. Opting for fishnets is a great way to add texture and an edgy look to your outfit.

Sheer flower printed socks with a lace fringe worn with heels for whimsical style.

7. Add a Lace Fringe

A delicate lace fringe mades for a sophisticated sock. We are crazy about the fringe on these Sunflower Socks

Mesh socks woven with red flames worn with heels for cool, trendy fashion.

8. Add a Pop of Color

Don't be afraid of a pop of color! Our Flame Socks come in red, so you can stand out. 

There are endless ways to add sheer socks to your closet. From unique prints, to fun folors, to elegant black lace, they'll make sure your outfit is never boring. 

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