A black and gold wrap dress for alternative fashion with a snake pattern. Worn by a red haired, tattooed girl with fishnets.

Styling the Ophelia Dress

Fashion 2023-10-23

The Ophelia dress will always be a favorite of mine because it was the very first apparel item I designed! The print gives off dark vibes with its twisting gold snakes and delicate chrysanthemum flowers. I always like to add something unexpected in my designs, so if you look closely, you'll notice that some of the snakes have two heads. A fun little oddity! 

I love wrap dresses like this because they are so flattering, cinching at the waist. I added whimsical flutter sleeves to give it a dreamy look. 

For this dress, I highly recommend double checking the size chart and sizing up if you want more coverage on top. This was my first design and I went a little too small on the measurements, I admit. If you normally wear a M, for example, you might want a L in this dress. 

Soft goth rocker chic style fashion blog styling a leather moto jacket and spiderweb purse.

While this dress is easy to dress up (I've even had a customer purchase it for a wedding guest outfit!), I wanted to do a casual, edgy look. Style is all about the accessories. See the list below for all the detes! 

P.S. Please ignore the fact that I have like one pose and it revolves around showing off my hand tattoo 😳

Ectogasm alternative fashion dress in black and gold with goth style purse.

Outfit Details:

Alternative fashion, soft grunge, gothic makeup.
Alternative fashion makeup with orange eyeshadow, black cateye eyeliner.

Makeup Details

Last weekend I had my makeup professionally done for the first time, for a wedding I was a bridesmaid in. Normally I wear a very minimal look, but seeing what it could be completely changed my outlook on makeup! I have felt so inspired to try fun, new looks and, seeing what they can do, I feel like makeup is another accessory that can completely upgrade a look. 

I asked my makeup artist 100 questions to try to learn from her while I was there! One of the things she said that's stuck with me is that eyeshadow is all about the blending. 

Makeup List

Thanks for Reading!

It's been so long since I've written a fashion blog post! I wanted to revive the Ectogasm blog as a fun way to share my style. Alternative fashion is my passion because it centers around expressing yourself creatively and being unique, non-conformist, and bold. 

I'd love to connect with others who feel the same way! If you like this outfit or have any questions or comments, please feel welcome to leave them below or visit my instagram @ectogasm_art (business) or @raeha.art (personal) to say hello.



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