A witchy whimsigoth fashion outfit with a black skater skirt, cropped cardigan, and choker necklace.

School of Witchcraft 101: Styling Socks with Heels

Fashion 2023-10-30

This whimsigoth look is what I'd wear to a School of Witchcraft & Wizardry! Based on my lack of cold weather gear, we're definately not going to Hogwarts! This will have to be for it's warmer California counterpart. 

A cute school girl inspired whimsigoth look featuring mary jane heels with socks.

Outfit Details

Sheer black nylon socks with a lace fringe worn with mary jane pumps for whimsigoth alternative fashion.

Styling Socks with Heels

Style is all about the accessories! Pairing your heels with socks is a creative way to add some flair to your look, but it can be hard to pick the right shoe/sock combination. Sheer ones look great because they resemble a nylon, giving them a feminine dainty edge. 

I designed these sheer sunflower socks specifically to look cute with heels or flats! The ruffle on top makes them a little whimsical, which I love. They look super cute with black mary janes, ballet flats, and many other styles of black shoes. 

Ectogasm carries several other style of sheer socks, so you can pick the pair that reflects your personality best. 

Witchy alternative fashion makeup featuring orange lipstick and eyeshadow with cateye eye liner.

Makeup Details

Layered choker necklaces for witchy alternative style.

Your standard black velvet choker has been popular since the 90's. To freshen up the look, I layered with another choker I have. 

A black hairbow for cute dark academia style.

Scrunchies with bows on them are a new favorite accessory of mine! Free People sells a lot of cute ones in different designs. 

Thanks for reading! If you like this outfit or have any comments or questions, please email me at raeha@ectogasm.net or reach out to me on instagram: @raeha.ectogasm (fashion profile), @ectogasm_art (art profile).

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