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Embellish Your Life

Have you ever been tired of being "practical"? 

It seems like most people have practical routines for their practical lives. They fill their practical houses with practical furniture and wear practical cardigans (nothing against cardigans. They're comfy). But there is room for fun amongst all this practicality!

If you get stuck in a routine, remember that life is beautiful, colorful, and magical, if you choose to make it that. I started Ectogasm to escape practicality and I invite you to join me. Let's be beautiful, vibrant, and weird together! Let's be ourselves. Invite creativity and embellish your life!

Meet the Designer

Ectogasm artist and designer, Raeha KellerSolopreneur, artist, tea enthusiast. I'm Raeha Keller, designer of this thing I call "Ectogasm". I'd like to be a part of your adventure for a more fun, more colorful life!





Redondo Beach, CA
Contact and Social: 
(213) 357-0223

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