My Story


I’m Raeha, a 25 year old artist and designer from Los Angeles, California. In 2015, I started Ectogasm to make art that people can incorporate into their lives and take with them everywhere.
Since then, I have sold thousands of pins, patches, stickers, and more both in the US and internationally. My inspiration comes from the things I love; literature, nature, human rights, and all things spooky and weird. 
With the support of customers like you, I have been able to not only run the business of my dreams, but also donate items and profits to organizations, including The International Federation of Red Cross, San Francisco Women Against Rape, The Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood, and The Los Angeles LGBT Center. I hope to use my art to make my customers and our community happier. 
XO, Raeha | Ectogasm 
Enamel pin collection by Ectogasm. Ectogasm was founded on pins - wonderful, tiny art pieces you can stick right to yourself like a living gallery.  
Right now my studio is in beautiful Redondo Beach, California. My art is often inspired by the ocean and coastal life.  Redondo Beach, California, headquarters for the Ectogasm art studio.
Raeha Keller, working on art for Ectogasm. Here I am, hard at work! Many of my illustrations are created digitally with the help of an iPad and the Procreate app. 
I love to think of new and interested ways we can incorporate art and creativity into our lives. Enamel pin set on a denim jacket.
Ectogasm has donated to many good causes. I'm a feminist, activist, humanist, etc. Ectogasm supports and has donated to many wonderful causes. 

(213) 357-0223