Our Story

I am a 24 year old professional artist and designer from Los Angeles, California. Two years ago, I started Ectogasm to make art that people can incorporate into their lives in a meaningful way.

Since then, I have sold thousands of pins, patches, and more both in the US and internationally. Many of my items have to do with feminism, LGBTQ rights, and human equality. With the support of customers like you, I have been able to donate items and profits to organizations, including The International Federation of Red Cross, San Francisco Women Against Rape, The Trevor Project, and Planned Parenthood. I hope to use my art to make our communities stronger and happier. 


Meet the Designer

Ectogasm artist and designer, Raeha KellerSolopreneur, artist, tea enthusiast. I'm Raeha Keller, designer of this thing I call "Ectogasm". I'd like to be a part of your adventure for a more fun, more colorful life!





Redondo Beach, CA
Contact and Social: 
(213) 357-0223

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