• A pop art lapel pin of Marilyn Monroe wearing a space helmet and blowing bubble gum.
  • A science fiction themed enamel pin shown on a denim jacket lapel with a psychedellic background.
  • Two tie tack clasps on the back of Ectogasm's Space Babe hat pin.
  • A side view of a retro sci fi enamel pin, designed by Ectogasm.
  • A retro style enamel pin of a pinup girl wearing a vintage astronaut helmet.

Space Babe Enamel Pin

$ 11.99

An enamel pin inspired by sci fi vibes and vintage style. Features a Marilyn Monroe-like blonde babe wearing a space helmet reminiscent of retro science fiction movies. She casually blows a pink bubble gum, ready to take on whatever alien forces she might encounter. 

This pin measures 27mm x 27.5mm. It has two sturdy tie tack pins on the back, which keep it from falling off or spinning around. The black metal base is filled with colorful enamel pin yellows, pinks, and blue. 

Pin this space babe to your denim jacket, fanny pack, lanyard and more, so she can go with you on all your adventures. She's pop art you can wear! 

  • Measures 27mm x 27.5mm.
  • Two metal tie tack style clasps on the back. 
  • This durable lapel pin is made from metal and enamel. 
  • An original design by Ectogasm. It's art you can wear. 
  • Use this pin to create your personal style.