• A cool enamel pin of a black and white banner with the quote, "Creative Soul".
  • A cool enamel pin for artists, musicians, designers, and other creatives.
  • Two clasps on the back of an enamel pin.
  • cute enamel pin for artists.
  • "Creative Soul" banner lapel pin for artists, on a ripped black denim jacket.
  • A colorful enamel pin collection on a jacket pocket for art hoe fashion.

"Creative Soul" Black and White Banner Enamel Pin

$ 11.99

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  • The ideal size for your lapel. Measures 35mm x 13mm.
  • This pin won't get lost. Two clasps keep it securely in place. 
  • A durable brooch made from metal and enamel. 
  • This pin is miniature art itself, designed by Ectogasm. 

    An essential pin for artists at heart. A banner with the phrase, "Creative Soul", this pin lends itself stylishly to a paint splattered denim shirt. Then move it to your backpack as you tour a gallery on the weekend. 

    Never worry about losing this pin no matter how creative you get. Two clasps on the back ensure it won't budge once you place it.

    This brooch makes a cool gift for artists of all kinds, from graphic designers and musicians to sketchbook keepers and handmade hobbyists. They'll surely appreciate this mini artwork, designed by indie artist Ectogasm.