• How to Wear Fanny Packs | Outfit Inspiration

    The fanny pack is back! Allowing you to go completely hands free while looking cute, it's no wonder this staple of the 90's has returned to mainstream fashion. But you may be asking yourself, how do I wear one and not look like a dork?  via GIPHY We've put together some outfit inspo to help you,... View Post
  • For the Romantic - Heart Shaped Enamel Pins

    The heart shape is the universal symbol of love, used first in medieval drawings and now ❤️Emojis ❤️. Once thought to be the origin of all emotion, it's no wonder we consider the heart to be a sign of friendship, adoration, and romance. Check out this collection of all of Ectogasm's heart themed enamel pins. 

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  • How to Apply Iron On Patches

    You just got your awesome new patch and you can't wait to put it on. If you're fortunate enough to have an iron on patch, application is quick and easy. All you need is an iron, a towel, and a pressing cloth or teflon ironing sheet... View Post