A Shade of Resistance for Everyone

Resist banner over the whitehouseI made this design after seeing this image of the White House backed by a looming banner with the word “Resist”. Post inauguration this year was depressing, but this image filled me with hope.

The White House looks intimidating. An impenetrable fortress behind which decisions about our lives and the lives of others are made for us. However, this banner was raised by ordinary civilians. It sends a bold message. Despite the bigoted turn American policy has taken, We The People will resist.


To resist does not mean to fight. It is a nonviolent message. In resisting, we stand together in unity with love and acceptance for our fellow man.


I made the resist design because I do not want this message to lose momentum. Resistance is a continual movement that you participate in everyday. Whenever we see acts of inequality, sexism, racism, and homophobia, we must resist.


I made a pink “resist” first, with women in mind. Then I added green and yellow, so that anyone and everyone can find a shade of resistance they like. Recently I also added a rainbow version of the “resist”, in support of LGBT rights.


Take a stand and resist hatred right now by posting a comment below of love and support for those different from you.

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Written by Raeha Keller

Late sleeper, tea connoisseur, and artist of Ectogasm.