Printable Art Project - Put Your Own Quote on A Banner with Ectogasm's Skinny Font

Got a great quote that you're itching to put on paper? Try this fun, printable art project, where you can design your own banner with custom text and learn a simple style of calligraphy that always looks great. 

Ectogasm Skinny Font example for making your own printable art project

First, learn how I do my skinny font, which I use a version of on many of my pins and stickers, like this one here. With easy directions and a line guide, you will master the style quickly. 

Ectogasm banner and rose design, with a blank area for adding your custom quote as an art project.

Then print out my blank banner and roses design. Get creative and put your favorite quote on it, then color it in. 

Download all the printable here.


JPG - Skinny Font Directions

JPG - Skinny Font Example Text

JPG - Skinny Font Guide Blank

JPG - Banner and Roses Blank Design

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Have fun! I'd love to see what you make! Post a pic of your finished project on Instagram, and tag me, @ectogasm_art.



All downloads featured here are for personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited. If you wish to license any of these designs, contact me at

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Printable art project by Ectogasm

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