Pins + Patches for Summer Vibes

With the sun blazing extra hot this summer, you might be storing your beloved, be-pinned denim jacket for cooler days. But that doesn't mean your flair has to go in storage too! 

Here are our favorite pins and patches for summer, along with some inspo on how to wear them in hot weather. 

Where to Wear Your Pins + Patches in Summer

1. Give plain t shirts some character. 

Girl in striped t shirt wearing a cute collection of space themed enamel pins.

The most fun part of wearing pins (besides picking them out, of course) is getting creative with how to wear them. In the summer, take a plain or striped t shirt and give it some character with your favorite pins.

2. Decorate your favorite beach bag or backpack.

A pineapple enamel pin for beachy, summer style.

3. Add flair to a pair of shorts. 

A pair of short shorts with nautical themed enamel pins for summer fashion.

Neon shark patch on a pair of black denim shorts.

 Pin your pins on a pair of shorts over the pocket, using the lining to separate the pin backs from your skin. Patches are great on shorts too, especially on the back pockets. 

4. Dress up your hats. 

A denim dad cap with a Great Wave patch ironed on.

A teal beanie with a cool shark patch on it.

Boring hats are a no go! Slap a patch on your favorite dad cap or beanie. 

5. Switch out your denim jacket for a vest. 

A denim vest covered in a summery pin collection.

Our Top Pin Picks for Summer 2018

4. Pineapple Pins in Gold and Rose Gold
Grow your pin collection! 

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