Our Favorite Profanity Pins

10 Naughty Pins That'll Make You Laugh

We love pins that send a message without you even having to say a word. And sometimes that message you want to send is more naughty than nice! 

Here are Ectogasm's 10 favorite profanity pins. If slurs, bad words, and butts bother you, skip this post. But if you think they're fucking hilarious, read on! 

1. Swearing Is Caring Enamel Pin, by Pepper Raccoon

"swearing is caring" enamel pin

If you really care about something, you might just cuss about it. This lovely enamel brooch is the perfect pin to complement some more crass ones.

2. "Boss Bitch" Pinback Button, by Craft Boner

"Boss Bitch" Pinback Button

I like this cute button almost as much as I like the name of the shop who makes it! 

3. Lucky Cunt Pin, by Eyecandy Accessories 

Lucky charm cunt pin

Now you're wondering what else you can spell with lucky charms...

4. Bitch Cigarettes Pin, by Ectogasm

Bitch cigarettes pin

Remember, it's not an insult. It's a compliment

5. Pizza Slut Pin, by BROOKPYN

Pizza Slut Pink Pin

We all know a pizza slut, or have been one before. BROOKPYN's glitter enamel pin lets you show your pride! 

6. Middle Finger Pin, by Candy's Kloset

Middle Finger Pin

Candy makes this pin in 3 different skin colors, because she knows we all are just done. 

7. Don't Be A Prick Pin, by Winklebeebee

"Prick" Cactus Pin

This is, without a doubt, the most beautifully made profanity pin on the internet. Winklebeebee's pins are hand painted and just lovely.

8. "Make It Dirty" Pin, by Ectogasm

Make it dirty pin

If you like double entendres and martinis, this might just be the pin for you. Handmade by yours truly. 

9. Fat Bottomed Girl Pin, by Hondo Supply Co.

fat bottomed girl pin

There is no shortage of pins featuring the female posterior, but this one has a Queen reference, so it's the best one out there. 

10. Pug Butt Pin, by Rosewine

Pug Butt Pin

Puppy pooper, so cuuuuute! * ! Rosewine also has cat butts, corgie butts, and just about any other type of four legged friend booty you may desire to own in pin form. 

11. "Fuck Em" Pin, by Little Star Things

"Fuck Em" Pin

Ah, yes. The classic "Fuck" Pin. No collection is complete without one. We love the handmade charm of Little Star Thing's rendition. 

That concludes our risqué pin roundup. Hopefully you were shocked, appalled, and thoroughly amused! 

Got a favorite bad girl pin of your own? Post it in the comments below! 

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