How to Wear Fanny Packs | Outfit Inspiration

How to Wear Fanny Packs | Outfit Inspiration

The fanny pack is back! Allowing you to go completely hands free while looking cute, it's no wonder this staple of the 90's has returned to mainstream fashion. But you may be asking yourself, how do I wear one and not look like a dork? 


We've put together some outfit inspo to help you, using our holographic ghost fanny pack.

1. With an oversized t-shirt

A cool streetwear look of a girl in an oversized t shirt with biker shorts and a holographic fanny pack.

Wearing your fanny pack with a casual look is a great way to make a statement. Cinching the belt around the model's waist gives this loose, boxy t some definition. We love a look like this paired with biker shorts. 

2. Around the Shoulder

A cool outfit that shows how to wear a fanny pack in the front or back.

Fanny packs don't need to stay on your waist! Wearing it around your shoulder is a fashionable alternative. Sling it in the front for easy access, or around your back to keep it out of the way. 

3. With a cute skirt

A cute fanny pack outfit for festival fashion.

Fanny packs are perfect for festivals because of how easy they are to carry around. Bonus points if your bag is semi-translucent, like this one, since many events are requiring bags brought in to be see through. We love a fanny paired with a cute skirt and bralette. 


4. With a bodycon dress

A fanny pack worn with a body con dress and black jacket.

Who says fanny packs can't have sex appeal? Wear one with a curve hugging body con dress for a cool look. 

5. With high waisted jeans

A cute outfit of a fanny pack with high waisted jeans and a sweater.

Emphasize your curves by wearing a fanny pack at the smallest part of your waist. You can wear the belt tight, or loosen it and let the fanny pack sag for a casual detail. With this outfit, we balanced out the shape of tight skinny jeans with a boxy, cropped tee.

There are so many ways to get creative with fanny packs! We would love to see how you wear yours. Tag us on instagram @ectogasm_art with #fannytastic in your picture! 


Holographic Ghost Fanny Pack

Fanny Pack Enamel Pin

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