How to Make the Most of Fall

Sept. 22, 2018 - It's the first day of fall and my favorite time of year. At my seaside home, a crisp breeze rattles through the palm trees. It fills the air with that salty-sweet smell of a rain shower over the ocean. The kids are back in school and the tourists are on their flights home, leaving me with empty beaches, slate grey seas, and endless peace. It also means I get to bust out my favorite jackets.

Fall is the one time of year that we get to be spooky without raising eyebrows. And it's all gone too soon.

Quick, before the season slips through your fingers; Here is my guide on how to squeeze every last drop of pumpkin spice from Autumn. 

Put on some horror movie classics

Horror movie meme.

There's something about the downturning weather that makes a scary movie all the sweeter. Maybe it's the shutters clacking against the breeze. Or the cast of the moon on those crisp, cold nights. So crack open a pumpkin spice beer (yeah, that's a thing), hold a dear one near, and put on some horror classics. 

Invest in a cozy, wooly, quality sweater

A girl wearing a sweater

In bygone pilgrim days, now was the time that folks prepared for the coming winter. In 2018, we've all got a supermarket down the street, but it's still a good time to be grateful for what we have while considering our spending habits and the items we choose to bring into our homes. 

It's easy to buy a dozen $12.99, "made in China", polyester sweaters from Forever Twenty-Something. My closet is packed with the stuff, bought without care and quickly forgotten. This year, I'm saving up to invest in quality items. Products made from natural materials, that I know I will love for years to come. 

Consider your next sweater purchase to be one of quality, handcrafted and made out of merino wool, cashmere, or cotton. Here's one made handmade in Ireland

Participate in Inktober, or follow some new Inktober artists

An ink drawing of a devil girl

Inktober is recent phenomena that sweeps through social media on the tenth month of the year. It was created in 2009 by an artist named Jake Parker as a way to challenge himself to work on his line art skills. 

The gist is, you set a goal to create a work of ink everyday, or every other day (or whatever floats your boat), hashtag it #inktober or #inktober2018, then repeat! All you need is a sketchbook, pencils and eraser, and some faithful Micron pens

Personally, I've never done Inktober, although I plan to this year - hopefully digital ink counts! Even if you don't like drawing, my favorite thing about Inktober is the burst of creativity from some of my favorite artists on Instagram. October is a great month to enjoy art from others! 

Visit a Graveyard

Hollywood Forever Cemetery, in Los Angeles, California.

I don't mean "go ghost hunting in a spooky-wooky graveyard to oggle the dead people." Go on a nice day. Talk a leisurely walk among the headstone. If you feel so inclined, bring some flowers. Pick a grave, read that person's name, and acknowledge that they lived a life as full and real as your own. Now they've passed onto whatever's next. Give them the gift of flowers and continue on your stroll as you contemplate death. 

I find graveyards to be extremely peaceful. They're reminders that life is short, so live life to its fullest while you can. 

If you're in LA, Hollywood Forever is a beautiful cemetery. See the peaceful marble halls of its mausoleums and be sure to visit the sepulcher of cremations, near the church. Each urn has its own alter box, in which family have left relics of the past for their loved ones. It's an interesting way to peer into the past and remember those who are no longer with us. And isn't remembering the dead what Halloween is all about?

Add fun, spooky flair to your jackets

I love a little, spooky pin on my lapel. It's an easy way to bring a hint of Halloween to any outfit. They're great on denim jackets, blazer lapels, scarves, and hats. Check out our Halloween collection for some creepy accessories. 

Pick up a spooky book from the library

 You've seen a dozen horror movies, now don't pass up on some spooky literature! Edgar Allan Poe is a favorite of mine (obviously. He has inspired two of my pins!) Then delve into the Cthulhu mythology created by H.P. Lovecraft. Don't forget Steven King, Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, and Clive Barker

Update your phone wallpaper

Of course, Halloween inspired phone wallpapers are in no short supply at Ectogasm, which you can get here. My other favorite place to look for wallpapers is Pinterest!

Dress like a witch

You don't need to go full costume to add some witchiness to your wardrobe. Think wide brimmed hats, black dresses, dark accessories, and lots of lace. I have two Pinterest boards inspired by the witch aesthetic: The Bad Witch and The Good Witch. 

Madewell Chelsea Boots.  A woman in a black lace crop top with tattoos.

Cute moon earrings for witch fashion.  A girl in a red dress and black hat for alternative style.

Become a witch. Get in touch with your spiritual side!

A deck of tarot cards.

Being a witch doesn't mean placing curses on the girls who picked on you in high school. And it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your soul to some goat headed god. Anyone can learn to use one of many spiritual tools said to be used by witches in order to learn more about themselves and the world around them. 

You can scry with a mirror, use a pendulum, a ouijia board, or (my preferred method) tarot cards. I could write a dozen blog posts on how to do it (and there are lots of people who could tell you better than me!) but this is the unassuming kit I was gifted, and it is immensely helpful in starting a tarot journey.  


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