How to Add Color to your Office Desk


Colorful, personalized office space for women

Create a Space That's more YOU

A beautiful workspace can instantly boost your mood. If you're anxious to redecorate, don't worry! It's easy and affordable to upgrade your desk. Here are some fun ways to add color to your workspace.

Before you begin decorating, clean your desk. Clear the surface and empty drawers of all the clutter that’s built up. You’ll feel better about your workspace just from doing this, trust me.

Now you can plan your color scheme. If you’re desk is white, then bright, bold colors might be pretty. A wooden desk can look nice with warm tones or even a nautical theme. Incorporating metallics is also a chic way to upgrade your desk. Use your interests and favorite colors for inspiration.

Creative Ways to Personalize your Desk

1.Personalize your Coffee Mug

If you’re a fan of coffee or tea, then your mug is your copilot in the working world. Investing in one you love to look at is well worth it! Here are some of our favorite mugs.

2. Get colorful office supplies

If you are worried about cramping your space by adding extra stuff, update your essentials instead! Staplers, pen holders, tape dispensers, paperclips, and even trashcan liners, all come in fun colors. My desk is adorned by a pair of bright pink scissors. It’s funny how something so simple can add a lot of fun to a desk.

 3. Find A Plant

colorful plants for your officeA little plant life is an office essential. Succulents are all the rage right now, and easy to care for. Personally, I like little cacti with flowers for color. An aloe vera plant in a decorative pot is always a great option as well. It is beautiful, cleans the air, and is handy if you get a cut or sunburn!


4. Add Your Favorite Pictures and Art

Whether it’s art prints or photographs, having some pictures around your office always makes the space look like yours. I recommend buying inexpensive frames and painting them to fit your aesthetic. If your desk is already full, consider hanging pictures on your wall. I use this colorful clothespin kit for my art prints. Taping them with some cute washi tape is also a stylish way to mount pictures.




5. Embellish your laptop

Getting a fun skin or keyboard cover for your laptop is a great way to liven gray computers. You can also add stickers to the back. Here are some designed by Ectogasm.

Little but Fierce pink stickers for your laptop Cute Cat Sticker for your Laptop "The Future Is Female" Feminist Quote sticker for your laptop

6. Add a lining to your drawers or filing cabinets

Using a bit of wallpaper, you can subtle add a pop of style to the inside of your desks drawers.


7. Go retro

I’m a huge fan of vintage styles. An old fashioned desk lamp looks really cool. You can get an authentic one from etsy or an equally cute replica one. If you want to add a touch of irony, get a rolodex for your desk.

8. Find the perfect pen

Having a pen that’s more than your usual Bic really makes a difference. Find an elegant, heavy pen that suits your taste.


9. Custom letterhead

If you send a lot of letters, consider upgrading your letterhead. Opt for a heavy paper that will impress clients. You can even customize the colors or font to subtly match the style of your business cards and desk. It’s like having matching lingerie. It’ll really look like you have your life together!


10. Upgrade your office chair

If your office chair is uncomfortable, then it’s time to get one with more support. This was one of the most important things for me when it came to improving my office space. Having a comfortable chair is essential.


I hope these ideas help you embellish your office! Post of pic of your finished desk below!

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