Everyday Magic - Artist's Statement

Witch hand vinyl sticker. surreal illustration by Ectogasm. Witchy vinyl sticker of a crow in black and white.

Feeling spooky when I designed these stickers.

I believe there is an element of magic in life. Even when you’re going through the mundanity of the everyday, that mysterious energy is there. Can you sense it lingering just beyond the corner of your eye?

You'll notice I'm not talking about fairytale magic, when you look at my designs. They're wicked, and I suppose that's because the things we don't fully understand often scare us. 

But, for me, I feel most contentedly connected to this underlying force when I’m in nature. These three stickers represent that, combining animals and fauna with occult surrealism. Since my stickers are waterproof, you can take them everywhere you go to remind yourself of the magic in life. That’s the magic of functional art!

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