Picking your Pin - Matte or Resin coating?

My pins come in two forms. You can either get them "all natural" (aka matte) or coated in resin. Here is a guide to help you pick what's right for you. 


This is the pin the way it comes out of the oven. The surface has a slightly sanded texture and it not shiny. 

  • You won't get any glare on them
  • They have a natural, handmade look
  • Avoid getting wet and be careful to avoid getting anything with alcohol on them (hair spray, perfume, etc.)
  • The clear spaces on artwork have a frosted glass look


After the pin is baked, I put a two part resin coating on them. It gives them shine and protects the artwork.

  • They have a glossy appearance
  • Colors are a bit bolder
  • Clear spaces in artwork are translucent
  • Artwork is protected from water damage (although it is still not recommended that pin be soaked or submerged)

Hopefully this guide will help you choose the style that's right for you! And, if you still have questions, I am only an email away at ectogasmart@gmail.com

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Written by Raeha Keller

Late sleeper, tea connoisseur, and artist of Ectogasm.