Why Pins? The Significance of These Little, Plastic Objects

On the surface, pins are bits of plastic with some colors on them and a pointy thing on the back that you need to watch out for. But they're so much more than that. So, today, we're going to take a look at why pins matter and why you should be wearing them on every square inch of your clothing. 

1. They make any surface customizable

None of your shirts will ever be boring again with fun pins!

2. You're supporting an artist with each pin you buy

This might mean me. It might mean someone else. But if you're buying pins, I almost guarantee it's from some poor creative soul who needs money. The business minded people aren't selling brooches, that's for damn sure.

3. They're blunt. 

Sometimes you want to say something. For instance, you want to say "fuck it". But your semi-homeless attire and lack of conversation are not getting that bank teller to stop calling you "ma'am". So, instead of getting "fuck it" tattooed on your forehead, you can pin it on your stained pullover

Or perhaps you're a girl under 5 feet giving a courtesy warning...

4. But they're not too blunt

In fact, they're kind of mysterious. That girl over there has a Russian nesting doll pinned over her right nipple. Oooh, what does it mean?

5. When you find a favorite one, you can wear it over and over again without having to wash it

Unlike my favorite pair of socks

6. Some pins are for charity

Like this "Peace for Paris" pin. 100% of the proceeds went to the IFRC (International Red Cross) to help victims around the world. With these little bits of plastic, we were able to raise over $200. Not bad, huh? Check back frequently for more charity pins for a variety of causes. Or suggest a cause below! 

7. They're quirky

And who doesn't like someone that's a tiny bit unusual?

8. They give you that punk rock DIY aesthetic

Let's get serious now and talk style. I don't care how perfect your mohawk is, no punk is complete without some pinnage. 

9. They're better than greeting cards.

Cards (except handmade cards) are pretty freaking lame. So if you're looking to give a friend some feel good inspiration, but you're not looking to break the bank, you can't do much better than this

10. Cats

Think of all the cat pin possibilities out there. Just kidding, I couldn't think of a tenth reason, but I wanted the list to end on an even number. 

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