12 Witchy Rings to Make You Feel Like a Gothic Queen

 Magic Hands Need Magic Rings

No witch's outfit is complete without a set of killer claws and the perfect jewelry to compliment them. I searched for the most bewitching rings I could find and present them here, in my ultimate ring dream list! I hope you like them! 

1.Gladiator Talon Ring, by Pretty Rock Girl

Etsy - $54.00


gladiator statement ring 

This amazing ring features handset gem stones. It is a stunning combination of beauty and danger. Your manicure won't go overlooked wearing this! Get it from Pretty Rock Girl's Etsy shop. Her store has many wonderful items, including these flower and gem encrusted heels, which I will definitely be needing.  

2.Lucia Kyocera Opal Stackable Ring

Amazon - $85.00 


These unique rings are a subtle touch of magic to any outfit. They come in three different colors: black, silver, and rose gold. 

3.Ectogasm Black Dragon Ring Set

www.ectogasm.net - $15.99 a piece

gothic rings 

I've been wearing Ectogasm's new matte black ring collection on the daily. They are easy to match and offer a variety of combinations for a different look every day. Make sure you check out our wicked selection

4.Pearl Crown Ring

www.notjustalabel.com - £135.00

Coarl and Pearl Skull Ring 

This ring is so beautiful, I want to die! It features delicate pearls and is made from pressed coral and actual bone! I'm not sure what kind of bones, however... This ring ships world wide from Poland, so wherever you are, you can get your witchy hands on this beauty! Be sure to check out Not Just A label's other rings. They have many wonderful macabre jewelry pieces. 

5.Skull Wrap Ring, by Jewels of June

Etsy - $14.99

skull wrap ring

These adorable twin skulls look wonderful and are an elegant twist of gold to the usual silver, cold jewelry we witchy women find. The ring features faux black diamond eyes and is adjustable. You can find this at Jewels of June's Etsy shop.

6.Black Corrupt Ring

www.therogueandthewolf.com -£19.00

Rogue and Wolf Goth Rings 

One cannot talk goth rings without mentioning The Rogue and The Wolf. This UK brand features wicked jewelry worn by models worth feeling envious of. Check out their shop

7.Crow Skull Ring, by Feathermoon Jewelry

Etsy - $21.49

Bird Skull Ring 

This magical ring comes from Australia based etsy shop, Feathermoon Jewelry. Included in this piece's materials are love and magick, so you know you're getting an enchanted piece of jewelry! Be sure to check out Feathermoon Jewelry's etsy shop. It's full of good boho vibes. 

8.Dark Hearts Black Amethyst Spike Ring, by Unicorns Love Sugar Moonbeams

Etsy - $110.00

amethyst crystal ring  

It's my personal opinion that every outfit needs a crystal or three. This gorgeous amethyst ring couldn't be more perfect! It comes from Unicorns Love Sugar Moonbeams on Etsy (I love her shop name). Be sure to check out her magical shop and get your hands on some drool worthy crystal jewelry. 

9.Mariam 3 Ring Set Trance Mirror Rock Crystal Drusy & Rhodium

Amazon - $85.00

This pale ring set makes me think of dragon scales and scrying in a misty mirror. You get all three of these rings for lots of combinations with the other pieces in your collection. Find it here on Amazon

10.Titanium Steel Octopus Ring  

Amazon - $17.99

This ring will give your collection a Lovecraftian touch. Its silver tentacles wrap around your fingers, like a tiny Cthulhu guiding your hand. What's even better is how affordable this ring is! Find it here on Amazon. It ships free with a Prime account.

11.Rib Cage Ring, by Rebel Ideal

Etsy - $49.00

rib cage ring

Tired of skulls? Try this awesome rib cage ring instead! It comes from Rebel Ideal's alternative jewelry shop, on Etsy. I'm only posting one item per store, but if not for these constraints, I'd feature every item she sells! Be sure to check it out. Rebel Ideal sells tons of spooky rings, earrings, and more that you'll love. 

12.Baphomet Ram Ring

Amazon - $8.98


This ram's head ring is truly devilish and extremely affordable. Its horns are 3 dimensional, protruding from its forehead, which looks pretty darn cool. With a solid 5 star rating on Amazon, this ring will probably be your daily go to. 

I hope this post helped you find some great jewelry and new shops to follow! Have some wicked rings you'd like to share? Post them below in the comments! 



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