A Brief History of Punk DIY Aesthetic - Infographic

Punk DIY Aesthetic Infographic

Punk DIY Aesthetic

From music to clothing to art, the punk movement of the 1970s and 90s were known for making their own way. Their clothes were handmade and altered. Album covers and posters were made with collage and stencils. Anyone could be a content creator and publisher. This tradition still continues today! 

Read our infographic for a fun and quick history of the DIY aesthetic evolving in punk culture. 


  • A Brief History of Punk DIY Aesthetic
  • US, UK, and Australia - 1974-1976 Punk Music Movement
  • Fashion was used by punks as a political statement and to recognize other punks. 
  • Fashion was largely DIY. This was a rejection of consumerism and mass produced media. 
  • Dog collars, trash bags, and safety pins became jewelry and clothing. 
  • Gradually, Record stores and small specialty shops started selling punk clothes.
  • 1975 - Malcolm McLaren formed the Sex Pistols to promote his clothing store, SEX.
  • Many punks formed bands, even if they weren’t musicians.
  • What they lacked in skill, they made up for with passion.
  • Records were often produced in basements and with limited resources
  • Washington, 1991 - Riot Grrrl’s first zine was published This kicked off the zine movement.
  • A zine is a self-published, small circulation “fan magazine”. Topics range from niche passions to political activism.
  • Anyone can be an artist and content creator.

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