• Enamel Pin Backs - Which Kind is Best?

    There are three main pin back types to choose from, each great for different purposes. 1. Butterfly Clasps This is your standard clasp. Also known as a military clutch or tie tack clasp, these metal backs click onto the pin spike. They can be released by squeezing together the two metal flaps on... View Post
  • Ectogasm Enamel Pin Holiday Gift Guide | 2019

      The Ultimate Enamel Pin Gift Guide Christmas 2019 Our collection of enamel pins, patches, and artwork is large, and picking out gifts is already hard enough! So we put together this handy guide to help you shop for all the people in your life. Use the categories listed below to search!  Why Pin... View Post
  • November 28th - Donate to Free Arts LA

    Free Arts LA is an organization that provides creative programs to more than 22,000 children in Los Angeles annually. Today, you can help us give back.  View Post